Highlights of the Week Ahead

We’ve got a fun and busy week ahead of us! Here are a few items to help you plan.

  • Historical Fiction Reading Logs are due on Monday. We will be working on our book quilt projects on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • For Valentines Day, we will be exchanging Valentines within our class and with the students in 3A. There are 17 students in each class. Please let me know if you need a list of names.
  • Our field trip to the Tubac School House will be on Friday. Students are excitedly finalizing their costumes (I’m working on mine, too!) to recreate a school day from the 1880s. This week, we will learn about the rules and expectations for students of the time period. We also are excited to have Mr. Kramer (parent in room 3A) joining us with camera equipment from the time period to photograph each class.
  • Part of our day on Friday will include a spelling bee using words from our recent reading unit. Here are the word lists for studying:
    • Words with Long a: ai, ay daydream, exclaim, failure, gains, mainly, painful, payment, playful, raising, saint, straight, stray, unpaid, vain, x-ray
    • Words with Long e: ee, ea; Long o: oa, owappeal, asleep, beast, borrow, cheap, follower, healing, lowered, meek, overthrow, repeat, roam, teenager, tomorrow, unload
    • Verbs Ending in -ed arranged, blessed, calmed, comforted, commanded, completed, eased, emptied, included, joined, opposed, planted, pitied, provided, worried
    • Verbs Ending in -ing announcing, attending, beautifying, collecting, considering, doubling, educating, erasing, forgiving, gathering, hiring, mistreating, notifying, realizing, spreading
    • Watch-Out Words lay, lie, plane, plain, some, sum, we’d, weed, raise, rays, son, sun, bring, take, where, were
  • Upcoming Events:
    • February 18-22; Rodeo Break
    • March 1; Casa Maria-one dozen peeled hard-boiled eggs
    • March 7; Noon Dismissal
    • March 1-14; Parent Teacher Conferences-signup genius coming in February
    • March 22; Field Trip Sweetwater Wetlands Project WET

Tubac Schoolhouse Field Trip – 2/15

On February 15, 2019, third grade will spend the day at the old schoolhouse in Tubac Presidio State Historic Park located at 1 Burruel St, Tubac, AZ 85646.  We will recreate a school day as it might have been in the year 1889.  The students will assume the names and activities of actual 1880s – 1890s Tubac students.

Thank you to parent volunteers who signed up to drive.  Drivers have the option of spending the day at the school house observing the children’s activities or taking the opportunity to visit Tubac on your own once the children have entered the school house.

The students encouraged to dress in period clothing.   The girls may wear long skirts with blouses, or long dresses.  The boys may wear long pants or denim jeans and a buttoned-down shirt.  Several clothing items are available to borrow from Ms. Stalkfleet. T-shirts are not permitted, as they would have been considered underwear during the period being recreated.  Acceptable accessories for the girls are straw hats, bonnets, hair ribbons, and shawls. Acceptable accessories for the boys are straw hats, suspenders, and neckerchiefs. If possible, students should not wear athletic shoes.   Leather shoes or boots would be more appropriate. Additionally, all parents who signed-up to chaperone on this field trip are welcome to dress in period clothing as well.

Students and parents provide their own lunches.  To create the most authentic experience, all foods should be wrapped in wax paper, cloth wrapping, or plain brown paper.  Plastic wrap, baggies, and aluminum foil did not exist in 1889 and therefore should not be used. The lunch should be packed into a container such as a small metal bucket, plain brown paper bag, or a cloth bag/bandana.  Please, no modern lunch boxes or plastic containers.

Suggestions for lunches:

Beef jerky Fresh vegetables

Bean burro Tamales

Jelly sandwich Biscuits

Refried beans Tortillas

Bacon sandwich Potato chips

Hard boiled eggs Cookies; oatmeal, molasses, raisin, sugar, gingerbread

Fresh fruit Hard candy


Beverage suggestions:






Way back in 1877, the first school in Tubac was held in a store!  There were about thirty children in school at one end of the store, and business was held as usual at the other end.  The teacher was paid about $30.00 a month. At this time, most of the people who lived in Tubac were people that had been born in Mexico.  The United States had only recently acquired this part of the country as part of the United States. It was not yet Arizona as we know it today, but a territory.  The people who lived there were ranchers and also grew small amounts of crops such as tomatoes, chilies, and melons. All the homes were made of adobe just as the Presidio had been made in 1753.

The community of Tubac became a town in 1884, and everyone that lived there all worked together to build a school.  While it was being built, the teacher taught the students in the hotel. The school was finished in 1885 and was made of adobe bricks.  These were then covered with stucco and painted. By the time the school was finished, there were about forty-five students. Because just about all of the students were from families that were born in Mexico, there was a language class teaching the children proper Spanish.  There were also classes in reading, arithmetic, grammar, history, and geography. There were a lot of rules, and the teacher was very strict. You could get swatted with a big stick for a lot of things. For example one licking, which means swatted, for girls and boys playing together, or three lickings for calling each other “íll names,” which means calling each other bad names.

Apaches raided the towns and ranches quite often back then.  They would sneak in and grab cattle, sheep, crops, and sometimes children.  It was pretty scary back then. Because of that, the people that lived in Tubac organized a group called the Tubac Scouts.  This group protected the town’s residents from the Apaches.

In the year 1900, a change occurred.  The Tubac School District had some name changes and district number changes along with teacher changes.  Sarah and John Black had been the only teachers that the Tubac students had ever known before. They had taught there for fifteen years.  But in 1889, John Black’s license to teach was taken away from him after he failed to answer a summons to appear before the board of examiners concerning charges of “unprofessional conduct.”  So, the students got a new teacher, Miss Dell Johnson. She taught for two years. After that, the school had a new teacher every year until 1913. At that time, a teacher made about $80.00 a month. That’s about $2.66 a day.

The school house that you are going to be in was remodeled in 1907.  An extra classroom and indoor plumbing, meaning a water faucet and toilet, were added.  Before that, people had to go outside to the water pump for water and to the outhouse for the bathroom.  By the year 1913, there were 65 students enrolled at this school and grades 1-3 were in one room and grades 4-8 in the other room.

Now, you know some of the interesting things about this old school house.  Have fun while you pretend that you lived way back in 1885.


8:15 – 9:15 Travel to Tubac Presidio Historic State Park Schoolhouse

9:15 – 9:30 Students and parents walk one to two blocks to school yard

9:30 – 9:50 Students play in school yard, while supervised by parents / teachers inside setting up school room

9:50 – 10:00 Pledge and rules

10:00 – 10:15 DOL on front board

10:00 – 10:45 Reading / Writing / Poetry

10:45 – 11:15 Math / Facts on chalkboard

11:15 – 11:45 Spelling Test

11:45 – 12:45 Lunch

12:45 – 1:45 Story / Sketching

1:45 – 2:45 Travel to St. Michael’s

Spelling Words for 2/4-2/8

Spelling Words: Unit 4, Week 4

Verbs ending in -ing

  1. announcing
  2. attending
  3. beautifying
  4. collecting
  5. considering
  6. doubling
  7. educating
  8. erasing
  9. forgiving
  10. gathering
  11. hiring
  12. mistreating
  13. notifying
  14. realizing
  15. spreading

Watch-Out Words

  • bring
  • take
  • where
  • were


Students have been exploring the forces of magnetism and gravity.  They made observations and looked for patterns in data to predict how far the magnetic field extends around two magnets. Students then collected data for one and three magnets, measuring the distance at which paper clips are attracted. They used those data to predict how far the magnetic field extends around two magnets.

Building on their experience with magnetic force, students explored other pushes and pulls. They expand their understanding of force to include a force’s strength and direction, and more about the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces.

Next week they will build a wheel and axle system and explore the challenges about how their configurations affect the motion of their vehicle.

Join us for STEM Night on Friday, February 8.  The fun begins at 5:30pm

The week ahead

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. I made sure to stop by and see the school’s production of The Little Mermaid on Sunday afternoon! It was a treat and such fun to see our kids up on stage!

Here’s what we’ll be studying this week:

  • In language arts we will continue to explore how we can cooperate to get things done. We will read informational texts and persuasive articles about how people work together. We will also work more on our personal narratives about times we’ve had to work with others in order to accomplish something.
  • In math we will be starting chapter 6, which  helps students make connections between multiplication and division. We will explore models of division and begin to develop strategies to solve division problems.
  • In social studies our Tucson history focus will continue as we learn about Tucson’s role in the Civil War and Indian Wars as well as the creation of the Arizona Territory in 1863.


  • we continue to collect box tops to help raise money for the school. Students will get a class ticket for every day that they bring box tops to class!
  • we are looking for drivers for our Tubac field trip, Friday February 15. If you’re able to drive thjat day, please sign up!

Upcoming Events:

  • February 1; Dragons Love Tacos play (at school)
  • February 4; Edible Car Race
  • February 8; STEM Night
  • February 11; Reading Logs due
  • February 14; Valentine Exchange
  • February 15; Field Trip Tubac School House
  • February 18-22; Rodeo Break
  • March 1; Casa Maria-one dozen peeled hard-boiled eggs
  • March 7; Noon Dismissal
  • March 1-14; Parent Teacher Conferences-signup genius coming in February
  • March 22; Field Trip Sweetwater Wetlands Project WET

The week ahead: 1/14-1/18

This week, we have a field trip to visit the Tucson Presidio on Friday. We will welcome a visitor from the presidio to class on Tuesday afternoon for storytelling and to prepare for our field trip. Thank you to those were able to volunteer to drive.

In language arts, we will continue to study the concept of theme. Students will read small group books and look for common messages or life-lessons. In writing, we will investigate different purposes for writing, such as writing to persuade, to inform, or to entertain.

In math, we are continuing to explore the relationships between multiplication and division. Students have developed a variety of strategies to multiply two-digit numbers and will be assessed on Wednesday. Throughout, we will practice single-digit multiplication for fluency and will begin examining ways to represent and solve division problems.

In social studies, we will begin to read about interactions between different groups in Tucson’s history (American settlers, Mexicans, Pima Indians,  Apache Indians) and explore questions of how cultural differences can sometimes lead to conflict. Our visit to the Tucson Presidio Friday will allow students the opportunity to role play life in the late 18th century.

Dates to be aware of:

  • January 18: Field Trip to Tucson Presidio
  • January 21: No School, MLK Jr. Day
  • January 25-27: Little Mermaid production
  • February 15:Field Trip to Tubac Schoolhouse (start thinking about period costumes, etc. to bring!)
  • March 22:Field Trip to Sweetwater Wetlands


Note on March Conferences

This year lower school (grades K-3) will be conducting parent teacher conferences beginning March 1st. In previous years lower school aligned their conferences with intermediate and middle school grades (4-8) in January. Parent suggestions and teacher feedback prompted this change. Report cards will be handed out during these March conferences as we will have just completed our 2nd trimester. We look for these later conferences to provide students with ample time to make improvements and strengthen their skill set from the previous progress report, and assist in setting specific goals for the third and final trimester. Look for conference sign ups in February. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me or Ms. Hart. We are really looking forward to talking with you about your child’s amazing achievements!!

Spelling Words for 1/14-1/18

This week’s spelling words are selected from class reading work on the life and works of Martin Luther King, Jr.

  1. January
  2. Americans
  3. freedom
  4. separated
  5. children
  6. equal
  7. civil rights
  8. religion
  9. nonviolent
  10. justice
  11. peacefully
  12. protection
  13. fair
  14. victory
  15. remembered