Spelling List for 10/22-10/26

Sorry for the late post! Here are this week’s spelling words.

Words with Digraphs th, ng

  1. although
  2. belong
  3. during
  4. feathers
  5. fitting
  6. nothing
  7. rather
  8. springing
  9. strength
  10. stung
  11. surroundings
  12. therefore
  13. thorny
  14. throughout
  15. together

Watch-Out Words

  • neither
  • nor
  • either
  • or

Weekly Highlights – October 19

Welcome back! We had a busy first week back from our fall break. Here are some of the things we learned!

In Language Arts, we learned about literal and non-literal language. We talked about how figurative language (like I’ll be keeping my eye on you), words with multiple meanings or homophones (fir/fur, deer/dear, blue/blew), and rhyming words can be used to make a funny situation. We learned about puns and riddles (What do you call a bald rabbit? A bare hare!) We read a book called Punished by David Lubar about a boy who is cursed and can only say puns! He has to go on a word-searching quest to try and cure himself. On Friday, we celebrated National Day of Writing by writing haikus. We will share some of our haikus in a future post.

In math, we started chapter 3, which explores properties of multiplication and division. One property that we’ve learned is that multiplication (just like addition) is commutative. That means that the order we multiply doesn’t change the answer. We solved problems using multiplication to compare (for example, if you have three times as much candy as me, and I have two pieces, you have 3×2=6 pieces).

In social studies, we examined different maps. We looked at a rainfall map of the United States and asked questions about it. We learned that the eastern part of the country gets more rain than the west. We also looked at rainfall maps of Arizona and O‘ahu, Hawai‘i to compare. In the next few weeks, we will study different regions of the United States.

Our song of the week was With My Own Two Hands. The message of the song is that we can take action that helps make a difference in the world. We just have to start with our own two hands.

We have collected 74 class tickets towards our goal of 100. This week’s raffle winner was Harper.

Weekly Highlights, October 5

We had a great (and busy) week! Here are a few highlights of our work together.

We began our second language arts unit, which explores scientific concepts of ecosystems and balance in nature. We read stories that had themes about when nature loses its balance. In writing, we talked about how to write dialogue and use correct punctuation in quotations and we worked on writing about settings by including lots of sensory details.

In math, we finished chapter 2 and took our assessment on adding and subtracting with large numbers. After break, we’ll start chapter 3, understanding multiplication and division.

In social studies, we read about the North American continent and studied a physical map to see what we could learn.

Our Tuesday mass celebrated St. Francis and we brought stuffed animals to be blessed. Here’s a picture of all of us with our “class guests.”


Our song of the week was Make Your Own Kind of Music. We talked a lot about the message that it gives – be true to yourself no matter what other people say or do. Along the same theme, we read the books A Bad Case of Stripes and Hope for the Flowers.

We now have 39 tickets towards our goal of 100. The winner of the Friday raffle was Aleks.

Have a great fall break – see you soon!


This week students start by observing the human body jumping rope. They count the number of bones in the skeleton, first without visual aids, then using photographs and posters to help make a more accurate count. On Friday, students will assemble a model of a human skeleton from memory. They will compare and discuss their models and then compare a picture of an accurate model to their own.


After Fall Break  – Students dissect rodent bones from owl pellets and compare them to human bones. They explore joints and their role in movement focusing on opposable thumbs. Students build operational models of muscle-bone systems to see how muscles move bones. They investigate their skin by making and analyzing fingerprint patterns.

Weekly Highlights – September 24-28

This week, we worked on teamwork and collaboration. We had projects, games, and songs to help us learn.

In math, we have worked on solving multi-step problems by writing equations. We estimated by rounding to check our answers. We have worked on strategies for subtracting large numbers, including borrowing across zeros. We also used diagrams as a problem solving strategy.

In reading and writing, we did biography projects about Nelson Mandela, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Jackie Robinson. We worked together in groups to get information from our books. We looked on some online resources to find out more. Then we made posters and write reports to show what we learned.

We also finished reading Dexter the Tough. It was a good book with a good message. We talked about the book’s messages: don’t make assumptions about other people and you can always make up for your mistakes. Starting next month, we will be doing book projects. Our first genre is books with an animal as the main character.

In social studies, we learned more about maps. We analyzed maps of Arizona and made up questions for the class. We started to brainstorm ideas to design a map skills board game.

This week, we also had a song of the week. Each week, we will hear music that has a positive message about working with others and building our own success. This week’s song was “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. The message of the song is that you can count on your friends to help you in tough times and your friends can count on you, too.

Our class ticket total is 34 tickets. The winner of this week’s raffle was Alice.

Weekly Highlights – September 21

This week, we have worked a lot on being mindful and positive community members. We have tried to practice our class vision every day.

In math, we learned strategies for estimating large addition and subtraction problems. We practiced adding and subtracting numbers in the thousands with regrouping, being careful to line up our digits correctly. We can check if our answer is reasonable by seeing if it is close to the estimate. We also started practicing for timed multiplication tests. Our goal is to get 95 facts correct in four minutes. We started with x0 and x1 facts this week and will move on to doubles and more next week.

In reading, we learned to notice author’s point of view. We ask “Who is telling the story?” and see if it is written in first person or third person. In small groups, we read biographies about Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jacki Robinson, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela. Next week, we will be working on book report projects (done in class) about our biographies. We have also continued reading in Dexter the Tough. Robin and Dexter are starting to learn more about each other and we are curious about how the story might end.

In writing, we have continued practicing our cursive by learning about letters that start with an upcurve. We have worked on writing personal narratives, which are short stories from our lives. We are writing about times that we helped someone or someone helped us. We also learned that, in sentences, the subject and verb must agree (singular or plural).

In social studies, we continued to learn about maps. We looked at city maps and grids. We also watched a video about maps on BrainPop.

We are earning tickets for great behavior. We have 32 class tickets towards our 100 ticket goal to earn an extra recess. The winner of this week’s Friday raffle was Wylder.

Reminders for Next Week:

  • We are collecting Box Tops for education – bring yours in to class!
  • Classroom Pictures (Uniform Required) Tuesday, September 25
  • Individual Pictures (Free Dress) Wednesday, September 26
  • Book orders due by Friday, September 28