Welcome back!

I hope that everyone had a happy and restful fall break. Mine was spent with some relaxing, a few chores, and a bit of exploring. I spent some time on Mt. Lemmon, visited the Desert Museum, and got to fly in a plane with a friend of mine (he even let me steer the plane briefly!).

Here’s what’s coming up this week as we get back into the swing of things!

In Language Arts, we are beginning our second unit: Nature’s Balance. In this unit, we will read and write about what happens when nature loses its balance. We will be examining ecosystems and discussing why it’s important to keep them healthy. This week, we will be reading a humorous short story, “When the Pigs Took Over,” which tells about what happens when a member of the community brings too many animals into town and the spiraling effects that result. The students will work on reading comprehension strategies of comparing and contrasting information and asking and answering questions. In writing, we will be working on developing a description of the setting for a story, including interesting and relevant details to assist the reader.

Our spelling words have the short -e syllables. In grammar, we are learning rules for capitalization in titles, commas in addresses, and punctuation when writing dialogue.

In Math, we are beginning unit 2: Graphs and Line Plots. This week, we will be completing class surveys to gather data about ourselves. The students will work to categorize and organize data, and will represent data using bar graphs and pictographs. We also will be learning a new 10-minute math routine called “Guess My Rule” in which students look for patterns to discern a sorting rule.

Social Studies will continue to focus on map skills. We will be looking at different types of maps and learning to interpret a physical map of North America.

This week, we will have a special presentation on Thursday from the Tucson Symphony. We will hear a wind quintet and will be learning about the different types of wind instruments.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday 10/18: Grandparents/Grandfriends Day
  • Sunday 10/20: Episcopal School Sunday
  • Thursday 10/31: Halloween Party and Costume Parade
  • Friday 11/8: Field Day, Noon Dismissal
  • Monday 11/11: Veterans Day – No School
  • Wednesday 11/20: Noon Dismissal, Faculty Meetings
  • Friday 11/22: Tucson Presidio Field Trip
  • Friday 1/24: Tubac School House Field Trip

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