Word Work for 10/14 – 10/18

Spelling: Words with short e

  1. central
  2. connect
  3. correction
  4. element
  5. enemy
  6. everywhere
  7. exception
  8. exist
  9. insect
  10. messy
  11. pester
  12. several
  13. stem
  14. upset
  15. whenever

Watch-Out Words

  • ant
  • aunt
  • deer
  • dear

Science Vocabulary: amount, behavior, decrease, increase, supply
Academic Vocabulary: balance, compare, contrast, control, inreact, react, scarce

Grammar: Capitalization in titles, commas in addresses, and punctuation of dialogue

  • capitalize the first, last, and any key words in a title
  • italicize or underline titles of books, movies, plays, magazines, newspapers, tv series, and long poems
  • use quotation marks for songs, poems, short stories, chapter titles, articles, or episode titles
  • use commas to separate the parts of an address: street address, city, state, country
  • when writing dialogue, put quotation marks around the speaker’s exact words. Use commas to offset the dialogue from the sentence.

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