The Week Ahead 10/21 – 10/25

This week in language arts, we will be studying types of sentences and breaking words into syllables. In reading, students will explore puns and wordplay in order to distinguish literal and non-literal meanings of words and phrases. Get ready for some groan-worthy humor! Our small group reading books will introduce different ecosystems around the words and the ways that they can be conserved.

Our math study of data will continue with work on constructing bar graphs and pictographs. Students will refine a survey question to gather data from other classes and will work to analyze the data that they collect. We will introduce a new 10-minute math activity called Today’s Number in which students generate addition and subtraction equations to make a target number.

Thank you for a great turnout for last Friday’s Grandparents’ day. We had a nice time showing our thinking and learning and enjoyed working together to analyze data for the question, “What do we love to do with our grandparents?” It was fun to also teach them the game Guess My Rule and play a few rounds.

Thank you, also, for everyone’s help with our bake sale before break. We raised a total of $385 to donate to the Community Food Bank. What a way to help make a difference!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Thursday 10/31: Halloween Party and Costume Parade
  • Friday 11/8: Field Day, Noon Dismissal
  • Monday 11/11: Veterans Day – No School
  • Wednesday 11/20: Noon Dismissal, Faculty Meetings
  • Friday 11/22: Tucson Presidio Field Trip
  • Friday 1/24: Tubac School House Field Trip

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