Word Work, Unit 2 Week 2, 10/21 – 10/25

Spelling: Words with digraphs ck and sh

  1. attack
  2. buck
  3. clash
  4. flesh
  5. livestock
  6. quickness
  7. shallow
  8. sharpen
  9. shed
  10. shout
  11. sickness
  12. speckled
  13. thrash
  14. tricky
  15. vanish

Watch-Out Words

  • blew
  • blue
  • fir
  • fur



There are four kinds of sentences. Each kind has its own purpose:

  • A statement tells something and ends with a period.
  • A question asks something and ends with a question mark.
  • An exclamation shows feeling and ends with an exclamation mark.
  • A command give direction and ends with a period.


Vocabulary Strategy:

Each syllable in a word contains one vowel sound (there may be more than one vowel).

The dictionary entry for a word shows the number of syllables.

Highlights of the week

Welcome back to school. It’s been a busy week back from break! Here’s what we enjoyed doing:

  • Grandparents’ Day Friday – sharing our math thinking and making graphs about things we love to do with our grandparents
  • learning about data and bar graphs
  • we had a visit from the Tucson Symphony Wind Quintet
  • we have 59 class tickets and Michal was the Friday raffle winner
  • Eiley brought in surprise cupcakes
  • Dempsey’s birthday on Monday
  • both third grade classes joined for science class on Friday
  • organized some of our class library books by genre
  • we got our book orders and added new books to the library
  • Friday spelling test and language arts assessments
  • writing about settings for stories using interesting details
  • Mr. Gould played songs on the ukulele – we learned “Rise and Shine”
  • Friday comment cards
  • brought stuffed animals for Tuesday mass
  • played “Guess My Rule” in math and taught our grandparents

Grandparents Day Friday 10/18

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Grandparents (and friends) Day at St. Michael’s. We are looking forward to welcoming guests into our class for part of our morning. The students will be working on a math project with the grandparents to show some of what we’ve been learning this week.

Here is the schedule for the morning:

7:30 – 8 Check in in front of the church

8:05 – 8:40 Welcome in Student Center (Gym)

8:45 – 9:45 Visit In Classroom

9:45 – 10:30 Pictures and snacks in Foundations Courtyard

Word Work for 10/14 – 10/18

Spelling: Words with short e

  1. central
  2. connect
  3. correction
  4. element
  5. enemy
  6. everywhere
  7. exception
  8. exist
  9. insect
  10. messy
  11. pester
  12. several
  13. stem
  14. upset
  15. whenever

Watch-Out Words

  • ant
  • aunt
  • deer
  • dear

Science Vocabulary: amount, behavior, decrease, increase, supply
Academic Vocabulary: balance, compare, contrast, control, inreact, react, scarce

Grammar: Capitalization in titles, commas in addresses, and punctuation of dialogue

  • capitalize the first, last, and any key words in a title
  • italicize or underline titles of books, movies, plays, magazines, newspapers, tv series, and long poems
  • use quotation marks for songs, poems, short stories, chapter titles, articles, or episode titles
  • use commas to separate the parts of an address: street address, city, state, country
  • when writing dialogue, put quotation marks around the speaker’s exact words. Use commas to offset the dialogue from the sentence.

Welcome back!

I hope that everyone had a happy and restful fall break. Mine was spent with some relaxing, a few chores, and a bit of exploring. I spent some time on Mt. Lemmon, visited the Desert Museum, and got to fly in a plane with a friend of mine (he even let me steer the plane briefly!).

Here’s what’s coming up this week as we get back into the swing of things!

In Language Arts, we are beginning our second unit: Nature’s Balance. In this unit, we will read and write about what happens when nature loses its balance. We will be examining ecosystems and discussing why it’s important to keep them healthy. This week, we will be reading a humorous short story, “When the Pigs Took Over,” which tells about what happens when a member of the community brings too many animals into town and the spiraling effects that result. The students will work on reading comprehension strategies of comparing and contrasting information and asking and answering questions. In writing, we will be working on developing a description of the setting for a story, including interesting and relevant details to assist the reader.

Our spelling words have the short -e syllables. In grammar, we are learning rules for capitalization in titles, commas in addresses, and punctuation when writing dialogue.

In Math, we are beginning unit 2: Graphs and Line Plots. This week, we will be completing class surveys to gather data about ourselves. The students will work to categorize and organize data, and will represent data using bar graphs and pictographs. We also will be learning a new 10-minute math routine called “Guess My Rule” in which students look for patterns to discern a sorting rule.

Social Studies will continue to focus on map skills. We will be looking at different types of maps and learning to interpret a physical map of North America.

This week, we will have a special presentation on Thursday from the Tucson Symphony. We will hear a wind quintet and will be learning about the different types of wind instruments.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday 10/18: Grandparents/Grandfriends Day
  • Sunday 10/20: Episcopal School Sunday
  • Thursday 10/31: Halloween Party and Costume Parade
  • Friday 11/8: Field Day, Noon Dismissal
  • Monday 11/11: Veterans Day – No School
  • Wednesday 11/20: Noon Dismissal, Faculty Meetings
  • Friday 11/22: Tucson Presidio Field Trip
  • Friday 1/24: Tubac School House Field Trip

Highlights of the Week: 9/30 – 10/4

Here are our class highlights from the past week:

  • buddy time with Ms. O’Meara’s class – paper airplane challenges were a lot of fun!
  • our bake sale raised almost $300 for the community Food Bank ($261 as of lunchtime!)
  • making food chains in science
  • lollipops from Sra. Redhouse
  • posting about our work on SeeSaw
  • helping clean and organize the class library
  • extra recess Friday, we learned a new tag game – blob tag!
  • finished Unit 1 in language arts and in math
  • we had a class spelling bee – congrat’s Baron!
  • wrote personal narratives about helping others
  • “How many toes does a fish have?”
  • Friday raffle (Jacob won!)  and class tickets (31 out of 100)
  • picking just right books with our ZPD scores (check out this app that lets you scan books with your phone to check out the level and point value!)
  • waiting for book orders to arrive after break
  • read an issue of Scholastic News

We are excited for Fall Break! Here are some of our plans:

  • visiting the Grand Canyon
  • staying at home and resting
  • hiking Antelope Canyon
  • having family and friends come visit
  • going to San Diego, California
  • Tate’s dog’s birthday (and his brother)
  • going to Mexico
  • Tucson Racquet Club
  • Dempsey’s birthday
  • play with friends
  • camping at Pine Top
  • going to Great Wolf Lodge

Have a great break! See you in a week!

The Week Ahead 9/30 – 10/4

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost time for Fall Break! We will work hard this week so that we can enjoy some well-deserved rest. We also start a new month this week, and our value of the month is Love.

Here is what we’ll be doing this week.

In Language Arts, we have completed unit 1 and will spend time reviewing some of the content and taking our unit assessments. Students will also be revising their writing and will finish writing a personal narrative piece. Our spelling work this week will review words from the past four weeks, so there is not a new list.

In math, we are finishing our investigation of multiplication and division. The students are making connections between a multiplication scenario and a division scenario and are writing and solving problems using fact families. In addition, they will continue to practice and build fact fluency as the year progresses. We will be taking our unit 1 assessment on Thursday.

In social studies, we will read about map scales and city maps.

We are also still looking for volunteers to help with the bake sale on Friday. We need help specifically in the morning (7:30-8) to help monitor sales. Bake sale items are priced at $1 each. We are asking that items be pre-packaged for easy handling and reasonable to sell for a dollar (for example, cookies might be grouped together or larger baked good could be cut into smaller portions).

Upcoming Dates:

  • Wednesday 10/2: Progress Reports sent home in Eagle Express
  • Friday 10/4: 3rd grade bake sale to benefit the Community Food Bank
  • 10/5 – 10/13: Fall Break
  • Friday 10/18: Grandparents/Grandfriends Day
  • Sunday 10/20: Episcopal School Sunday
  • Thursday 10/31: Halloween Party and Costume Parade
  • Friday 11/8: Field Day, Noon Dismissal
  • Friday 11/22: Tucson Presidio Field Trip

Highlights of the week 9/23 – 9/27

Here are our highlights from the past week:

  • first Scholastic Book orders
  • making bake sale posters
  • spelling tests and pretests
  • watched a play performance of Pinnochio
  • seeing old friends and family
  • Eegee’s two days in a row!
  • making multiplication and division story problems
  • earning enough tickets for a bonus recess next week!
  • timed math facts quiz
  • student volunteers help with dismissal time
  • Mr. Gould vs 3B games
  • rainy weather and indoor recess
  • Mr. Gould read Armadillo Tattletale in chapel
  • Elliot won the Friday raffle

Book Orders and Bake Sale

Here are a couple of things that I missed in the weekend’s blog posts:

  • Our first round of Scholastic Book Order fliers were passed out at Back to School Night and to several students today. If you would like to order, the easiest way is online – directions are with the orders. The September book order is a great way to earn bonus points for the class that we can use to buy new books for the library. September book orders are due by this Friday, 9/27. If you have any questions, Susie Huerta Rojas (mom of Kyle in 3A) is organizing.
  • We are in need of parent volunteers to help supervise the Bake Sale before school (7:30-8:30) on October 4. Please let us know if you can help out!


The Week Ahead: 9/23 – 9/27

As we come to the end of September (already?), here’s what to expect:

Language Arts

This week, we are completing unit 1: Happy to Help. Our word work will focus on spelling words with ch and tch, subject-verb agreement in sentences, and vocabulary work with understanding dictionary entries. Students will be writing a personal narrative (at least three paragraphs), paying attention to word choice, descriptive language, and sequencing. In addition to independent reading, the class will read a biography, “Making a Difference,” about the role education played in the life of explorer Joseph Lekuton.



We will begin our fourth investigation: Understanding Division. Students will examine the information included in a problem in order to determine whether multiplication or division will help them to solve it. We will work to create a class book of related multiplication and division story problems. For homework this week, students will be asked to practice their multiplication fact cards, focusing on the facts that need practice. They will be assessed for fluency with the x1, x2, x5, and x10 facts at the end of the week.


Social Studies

We will continue to study map skills by learning to interpret a highway map. Students will also examine how the map scale give useful information.


Volunteer Opportunities

At Thursday’s Back to School Night, I shared a few opportunities to help volunteer with the class. Please contact me if you are interested or available for any of the following:

  • Bake Sale October 4
  • Field trips: planning, location coordinating, drivers. Field trips to be announced…
  • Language Arts Workshop: Wednesdays 10:30-11. Read with students, help with writing, etc.
  • Choice Time: Fridays 10:30 – 11. Help plan and monitor creative choice activities.
  • Art Expo project in the spring
  • Other ideas (class presentation, etc.), let me know!


Important Upcoming Dates:

  • September 27: grades K-4 assembly Pinnochio 
  • October 4: Grade 3 Bake Sale to benefit Community Food Bank
  • November 22: Tucson Presidio Field Trip