The Week Ahead: August 26-30

I hope that everyone has had a restful weekend after our first full week of school. Here are a few things to know for the week ahead:

Language Arts

  • We will continue our class study of The Lemonade War. Last week, students analyzed the personalities of the two main characters and answered questions about main plot points. This week, students will work as a whole class to develop a story map and summary of the book.
  • Students will apply the work we did on Lemonade War to one of their other summer reading books. They will work with a partner or small group to identify characters, setting, problem, major plot events, and resolution. Finally, they will create book posters to present their book for the class.
  • We will be conducting reading diagnostic assessments in class this week in order to help plan effective instruction, small groups, etc.
  • We will begin to develop stamina in independent reading and writing and will begin to write stories with a beginning, middle, and ending.
  • We will be starting our work in cursive handwriting.


  • We are beginning Unit 1 of our new math curriculum. This week, we will dive into our first investigation, exploring things that come in groups. Watch for family letters that will come home during the week to tell more.

Class Community

  • Last week, we worked to draft a mission and vision statement for our classroom (see Friday’s blog post!). We will continue to examine and work on this document in order to make it a strong statement of our goals.
  • Based on the class mission and vision, we will create a set of rules for our class that everyone can agree to.
  • We will continue to practice daily routines, cooperative learning, and teamwork through class meetings, games, etc.


  • We are gradually adding homework in order to help build routines and practice. Students will be expected to read daily. A reading log will be included in their homework folder. In addition, students will have math homework 2-3 times during the week.

Mass Apostles

  • This week it our class’s turn to assist during the Tuesday Mass service. Last week, we signed up for roles.
    • Acolytes (be at school by 7:45 to meet Mrs. King): Michael, Genevieve, Nico
    • Bring forward bread and wine: Dempsey, Joshua
    • Present prayers: Elia, Ife
    • Collect Offering: Mina, Eiley, Max, Noah

Here’s looking forward to a great week! Thanks for helping get us off to a good start!

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