Highlights of the week

Week two has already flown by! This week, we finished our work with summer reading books, worked on summarizing what we’ve read, started working with ways to show multiplication as things that come in groups, and developed our class rules and expectations.

Here are some of this week’s highlights:

  • readingĀ The Legend of Rock, Paper, and Scissors and playing a game with the whole class
  • Max welcomed his dad back from a long trip to Australia
  • working with a partner to write summaries of our summer reading books
  • Friday choice time, experimenting with ways to make stress balls (we’ll come back to the project in the future!)
  • created class rules: In this classroom, we demonstrate RESPECT, KINDNESS, RESPONSIBILITY, AND PARTICIPATION
  • we wrote compliment cards to one another, a new Friday tradition
  • Mrs. Burns visited briefly and taught Mr. Gould some of the math games we did in 2nd grade
  • we took some beginning of the year tests to show what we already know
  • we made multiplication posters that showed groups of objects and we wrote sentences and multiplication equations to explain
  • we earned class tickets: we have enough for a bonus recess next week and Jacob won this week’s raffle!
  • Mr. Gould printed our artifact pictures and put them up (come by and see them!)
  • we had fun solving riddles

Have a great three-day weekend! See you on Tuesday!

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