Word Work for 9/9-9/13

Spelling: Words with short a and short o

  1. advice
  2. bothered
  3. busybody
  4. common
  5. conference
  6. dollars
  7. honest
  8. jobless
  9. manage
  10. model
  11. onward
  12. problem
  13. promise
  14. satisfy
  15. transform

Watch-Out Words

  • you’re
  • your
  • eye
  • I



pronoun takes the place of a noun. Some pronouns are: I, you, he, she, it, we, they

complete sentence has two parts:

  • the subject tells whom or what the sentence is about (usually a noun or pronoun)
  • the predicate tells what the subject is, has, or does.



Words in a dictionary are arranged in the same order as the letters in the alphabet.

In order to look up words, you need to know alphabetical order.

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