Highlights of the Week 9/13

Happy Friday! Here are some of our highlights from the week. (These can make great conversation starters at home!)

  • Friday class compliment cards are a great way to end the week!
  • We are working on a video project about our mission and vision (hopefully ready by Back to School Night!)
  • We took our reading and math Renaissance tests.
  • We took our first Science quiz.
  • We started to organize some of our work for portfolios and began planning for things to put online.
  • We’re adding more and more class tickets.
  • We helped with Casa Maria lunch bags.
  • At morning meetings, we check in and talk about how people are feeling.
  • We learned about elements of poetry.
  • We hosted Wednesday chapel and Mr. Gould read silly poems about self control (or lack thereof).
  • We learned the basic strokes of cursive writing.
  • We explored making arrays in math and we learned about prime and composite numbers.

Have a great weekend!

A sampling of some of our Friday class compliment cards. Students pick a classmate’s name at random and write them a note about something they’ve done during the week.

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