Science Quiz Friday

Note from Mrs. Jamison:
3rd graders will have a Science quiz this Friday, September 13. They will receive a study guide on Wednesday and there will be a review. The quiz is on our seeds unit that we have been working on and students are encouraged to take their journals home to study. Please ask your student if they have their journal in their backpack so they can review before the quiz on Friday.

The week ahead 9/9-9/13

This week, we will be continuing our language arts unit Happy to Help. We will study elements of a poem and will read together the poem Guardian Angel in which a girl reaches out to help a lonely classmate. Student will examine the similarities and differences between stories and poems and will examine poetry from different authors. Grammar study will focus on pronouns and complete sentences and writing work will emphasize using colorful, descriptive language to make a story interesting. This week’s vocabulary strategy teaches students to sort words in alphabetical order.

In math, we are continuing our exploration of multiplication and division. Students will complete investigation 2, looking for patterns of multiples on a 100 chart and will examine ways that related problems can be used to solve more difficult facts. We will begin investigation 3, in which students explore organizing groups of objects into arrays and look for characteristics of numbers. We also will introduce routines for math workshop where students have opportunities to work independently on math tasks and scenarios.

Social Studies work will continue emphasizing rules, procedures, and expectations of a community. We will also continue our investigations into maps and map features.

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • September 17: School Pictures (red/khaki uniforms required)
  • September 18: Individual Pictures, grades K-4
  • September 18: School Pictures (red/khaki uniforms required)
  • September 18: Noon Dismissal (no hot lunch provided), faculty meetings
  • September 19: Back to School Night grades K-4
  • September 20: Welcome Back Night
  • October 4: Grade 3 Bake Sale to benefit Community Food Bank
  • November 22: Tucson Presidio Field Trip

Word Work for 9/9-9/13

Spelling: Words with short a and short o

  1. advice
  2. bothered
  3. busybody
  4. common
  5. conference
  6. dollars
  7. honest
  8. jobless
  9. manage
  10. model
  11. onward
  12. problem
  13. promise
  14. satisfy
  15. transform

Watch-Out Words

  • you’re
  • your
  • eye
  • I



pronoun takes the place of a noun. Some pronouns are: I, you, he, she, it, we, they

complete sentence has two parts:

  • the subject tells whom or what the sentence is about (usually a noun or pronoun)
  • the predicate tells what the subject is, has, or does.



Words in a dictionary are arranged in the same order as the letters in the alphabet.

In order to look up words, you need to know alphabetical order.

Highlights of the Week

Happy Friday! Here are our highlights from this week:

  • We learned how to find math videos to help us out.
  • We planned ways to show our class mission and vision. We’ll be working to make a video project next week!
  • We had our first spelling test.
  • We learned that some math problems are related to other problems and that we can solve by finding an easier problem.
  • We shared comment cards with each other.
  • We learned about globes and maps.
  • We stared reading “Map Trap” by Andrew Clements.
  • We studied sprouting beans in science.
  • We helped each other learn.
  • We made stress balls during choice time.
  • We have 19 class tickets towards a target of 75 for our next reward.
  • The winner of the Friday raffle was

The week ahead

I hope that everyone had a restful and enjoyable three-day weekend. Here’s what we’ll be working on this week:

Language Arts

We are beginning our first unit this week. In Happy to Help, we will be exploring the question of How do people help each other? In week 1, we will be reading and writing about the idea of individual responsibility. Students will read the story These Shoes about a boy who desperately wants a pair of the shoes everyone else has. Our comprehension work will focus on understanding plot and characters and we will work on organizing writing to tell a story in order.

Daily language arts homework will include independent reading and spelling practice (this week’s spelling words were posted online separately).



Last week’s math investigation explored the idea that many things come in groups and can be represented using multiplication. This week, we will be investigating patterns when skip counting on 100 charts. Students will examine multiples of 2, 5, 10, 3, and 6 on the charts and look for patterns. They will then use this understanding to solve problems using related facts (for example, students can use their knowledge of 4 x 3 = 12 to solve  4 x 6 = 24 by doubling the product).


Social Studies

We will continue to develop and refine classroom expectations, rules, and procedures ad we build our learning community. In addition, we will begin to study map skills by looking at globes and maps. We will explore the terms globe, continent, ocean, directions, cardinal directions, map, and compass rose.

Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary for 9/3-9/6

We are beginning our first Language Arts unit this week. In addition to reading and writing work, here are the skills we’ll be practicing:

Spelling: Words with short a and short o

  1. action
  2. bonds
  3. chance
  4. confident
  5. doctor
  6. example
  7. follow
  8. grand
  9. happen
  10. humanity
  11. longing
  12. outstanding
  13. possible
  14. talent
  15. tasks

Watch-Out Words

  • a while
  • awhile
  • accept
  • except


Social Studies and Academic Vocabulary:

action, difference, gift, problem, receive, solution, kindness, need, plot, prediction, preview, understand, value, want


Grammar: Nouns

A noun names a person, animal, place, or thing.

common noun names any person, animal, place or thing. A proper noun names a particular person, animal, place, or thing. All important words in a proper noun start with a capital letter.

concrete noun names something you can see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. An abstract noun names something you can think about, but cannot see, hear, smell, touch, or taste.