Highlights of the Week for 10/21 – 10/25

  • collecting survey data from other classes about their favorite recess activities and making graphs to analyze it
  • Jacob won the Friday raffle and 82 class tickets
  • finished reading Map Trap by Andrew Clements
  • studied and wrote puns and riddles: (What do mummies listen to on the radio? Wrap music! What do you call a bison who exercises? A BUFFalo!)
  • Friday compliment cards
  • Halloween origami during Friday choice time
  • learned about literal and nonliteral language
  • learned ways that writers can use language to engage the reader
  • fire drill
  • 8th grade bake sale
  • spelling test and language arts assessments
  • sang in chapel and Mr. Gould taught the lower school how to sing Place in the Choir
  • learned a new class song: The Grand Old Duke of York
  • math quiz about graphs

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