Word Work for 11/4-11/8

Spelling: Consonant Blends

  1. claws
  2. clumps
  3. consist
  4. drank
  5. entrap
  6. grunt
  7. hound
  8. pleasant
  9. refresh
  10. result
  11. sleek
  12. smear
  13. sneak
  14. stray
  15. trend

Watch-Out Words

  • be
  • bee
  • hair
  • hare


Grammar: Dependent/Independent Clauses; Compound Sentences

An independent clause can stand alone as a sentence.

dependent clause cannot stand alone. A signal word connects it to an independent clause. Some signal words include: although, before, after, because, if, even if, unless, until, since.

Two independent clauses can be joined together to make a compound sentence. Join clauses with a comma and the conjunctions and, but, or or.


Vocabulary Strategy: Pronunciation

If you are unsure of how to say a word, the dictionary can help you determine the pronunciation.

The pronunciation guide helps you know how many syllables there are and which syllable gets the stress.

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