3rd Graders will have a quiz on Wednesday, February 5.  They have been exploring water and its effects on different materials, to include our natural environment like rocks, leaves, feathers…

A study guide will be given this Friday to review.  Students are encouraged to take their journals home to review their notes.

Word Work: 1/27-1/31

Spelling: Verbs ending in -ed

  1. arranged
  2. blessed
  3. calmed
  4. comforted
  5. commanded
  6. completed
  7. eased
  8. emptied
  9. included
  10. joined
  11. opposed
  12. planted
  13. pitied
  14. provided
  15. worried

Watch-Out Words

  • some
  • sum
  • we’d
  • weed

Grammar: Helping Verbs/Forms of Do

A helping verb works with an action verb. The action verb is the main verb.

  • The helping verb can tells that someone is able to do something.
  • The helping verb could tells that someone has a choice or something is possible.
  • Use must to tell that somebody has to do something.
  • Use should to give an opinion or advice.

The helping verb do adds emphasis to a verb.

  • Use the form do with I, you, we, and they
  • Use the form does with he, she, and it.


Social Studies and Academic Vocabulary:

agriculture, crop, farmer, field, harvest, plow, alternative, conservation, evidence, future, method, opinion, summarize

Tubac Schoolhouse Field Trip

We had a great time on yesterday’s field trip to Tubac, where we experienced life in an 1885 schoolhouse. The kids loved dressing up in period clothes, experiencing different types of learning, writing on slates with chalk, even going to the dunce corner! Here’s a slideshow of a few pictures from our day. Enjoy!

Highlights of the week 1/24/20

We did a lot this week! Just a few of our highlights are:

  • field trip to the one-room schoolhouse in Tubac
    • we got dressed up in clothes like we were in the 1880s
    • we saw an old-fashioned printing press and learned how newspapers were printed
    • Tate and Ife were spelling bee champions and won a whole penny each for their prize!
    • we did a scavenger hunt to learn about the Tubac Presidio’s history
    • we packed old-fashioned lunches: beef jerky, sarsaparilla, old-fashioned hard candy, bacon sandwiches, and more!
    • we had Spanish names from the list of students that attended the school
    • girls and boys had to sit separately
    • Mr. Gould and Ms. Stalkfleet were strict teachers, putting some people into the dunce corner
  • we finished chapter 3 in math and took our tests
  • class tickets and Friday raffle
  • we’re excited to see Into the Woods this weekend
  • started a technology project designing a house
  • Freddy visited music class on Thursday
  • we started sharing mystery box book projects

The week ahead: January 20-24

I hope that everyone had a restful three-day weekend and that you are ready to begin the week ahead! Here’s what’s coming up.

In language arts, we will be learning about helping verbs, identifying and writing opinions with evidence, and working to determine importance in a text passage. We will be continuing to look at these topics next week, and there will not be Friday assessments due to our Tubac field trip. In spelling, we will not have a list this week. Instead, students will choose words to practice from previous lists and will prepare for an old-fashioned spelling bee during our Tubac field trip.

In math, we are concluding unit 3, investigating addition and subtraction strategies. This week, we will have some review and assessment to shore up any difficult areas. The unit 3 assessment will be on Thursday.

In social studies, we will prepare for our visit to the Tubac One-Room Schoolhouse by learning a bit about the history of schools in Tucson. In addition, we will read about the rules for students and teachers of the time. On Friday, we will drive to Tubac to experience part of a day in the life of a student from the late 1800s. Students have been planning clothes to wear and food to bring to help make the morning as authentic as possible. Please see the handouts that were sent home in last week’s Eagle Express (or send me a note to get a new copy!).

Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, January 24: Tubac School Room
  • Friday, January 24 – Sunday, January 26th: St. Michael’s Theater Into the Woods
  • Friday, February 7: Field trip to Fox Theater (no drivers needed)
  • Friday February 7th: STEM Night
  • Friday, February 14th: End of second trimester
  • February 17-21: Rodeo Break
  • Friday, February 28th: Eggs for Casa Maria
  • Friday, April 17th: field trip to Sweetwater Wetlands

Word Work 1/13-1/17

Spelling: Words with Long e: ee, ea; Long o: oa, ow

  1. appeal
  2. asleep
  3. beast
  4. borrow
  5. cheap
  6. follower
  7. healing
  8. lowered
  9. meek
  10. overthrow
  11. repeat
  12. roam
  13. teenager
  14. tomorrow
  15. unload

Watch-Out Words

  • raise
  • rays
  • son
  • sun

Grammar: Subject-Verb Agreement

  • For the subject he, she, or it:
    • Change y to i and add -es for action verbs that end in a consonant and -y (hurry -> hurries)
    • Just add -s for verbs that end in a vowel and -y (buy -> buys)
  • For the subject I, you, we, or they, do not add -s or -es to present-tense action verbs.


Vocabulary: Prefixes

A prefix is a word part that comes at the beginning of a word and changes the meaning of the word.

prefix meaning example
pre- before, in front of prepurchased (purchase before)

preread (read before)

re- back, again repay (pay back)

reread (read again)

super- larger than, superior to supermarket (large market)
mis- incorrectly misread (read incorrectly)
un- not, opposite of unable (not able)
dis- not, opposite of disassemble (opposite of assemble)

disagree (not agreeing)

Highlights of the Week

We had a busy first week back from Winter Break! Here are our highlights:

  • We had over 100 class tickets for an extra recess.
  • Field trip to Fort Lowell park and museum: a day of history!
  • First week back from break.
  • Tate won the Friday raffle.
  • Learned a new math game, How Far From 100?
  • Read the story Mama Panya’s Pancakes.
  • Wrote opinion paragraphs.
  • Played frisbee in PE.
  • Language Arts tests on Friday.
  • Read Scholastic News about Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • New heater/AC in the classroom!
  • Some people got 100s on their Wednesday spelling.
  • Wrote compliment cards.
  • Social Studies: learned about Civil War and Fort Lowell and colored our books.

Welcome Back and Hppy New Year!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful break. I enjoyed time relaxing, had some out of town guests, and went to Los Angeles for New Year’s Eve with friends. I’m excited to hear about the kids’ vacations as well!

This week, we will take time to get back into our routines and re-establish class expectations. We will set some goals for the remainder of the second trimester and looking towards the rest of the school year.

In language arts, we will begin unit 4: Let’s Work Together. In this unit, students will explore ways in which working cooperatively helps to get things done. We will be reading the short story, Mama Panya’s Pancakes, about how a boy organizes a feast by getting everyone to contribute a piece. We will explore the concept of theme, or author’s message,  in a story and will look for important details and examples that support the theme. In writing, we will discuss different purposes for which authors write and will plan and write an opinion paragraph.

In math, we will resume our work on addition and subtraction strategies. Students will represent problems with missing information and problems that compare objects by using diagrams and number lines to help visualize the information.

In social studies, we will learn more about Tucson history. We will read about how the American Civil War affected life in Tucson and about the development of Fort Lowell. On Friday, we will have a field trip to the Fort Lowell Museum to learn more!

Also on the topic of field trips, we are getting ready for our January 24 visit to the Tubac Schoolhouse. This a favorite field trip of the students, as they get to dress up in period clothing from 1889! Here is some information for the field trip (thank you to Ms. Stalkfleet for the write-up!):

First, thank you to parent volunteers who have signed up to drive.  Your admission fee to the park is paid by St. Michael’s.  Additional parents who attend the field trip are asked to pay the admission fee of $7.00.  Drivers have the option of spending the day at the school house observing the children’s activities or taking the opportunity to visit Tubac on your own once the children have entered the school house.

Second, the students encouraged to dress in period clothing.   The girls may wear long skirts with blouses, or long dresses.  The boys may wear long pants or denim jeans and a buttoned-down shirt.  Several clothing items are available to borrow from Ms. Stalkfleet. Tee-shirts are not permitted, as they would have been considered underwear during the period being recreated.  Acceptable accessories for the girls are straw hats, bonnets, hair ribbons, and shawls. Acceptable accessories for the boys are straw hats, suspenders, and neckerchiefs. If possible, students should not wear athletic shoes.   Leather shoes or boots would be more appropriate. Additionally, all parents who signed-up to chaperone on this field trip are welcome to dress in period clothing as well.

Last, students and parents provide their own lunches.  To create the most authentic experience, all foods should be wrapped in wax paper, cloth wrapping, or plain brown paper.  Plastic wrap, baggies, and aluminum foil did not exist in 1889 and therefore should not be used. The lunch should be packed into a container such as a small metal bucket, plain brown paper bag, or a cloth bag/bandana.  Please, no modern lunch boxes or plastic containers.

Here’s a photo of last year’s class visit to help you see what we’re looking for:


Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday 1/10: Fort Lowell Museum Field Trip
  • Tuesday 1/14: 3B serves as Mass Apostles
  • Wednesday, 1/15: Half Day, Conferences
  • January 13 – January 27: Parent Teacher Conferences (if you haven’t received a notification from Sign-up Genius, please contact me)
  • Friday 1/24: Tubac Schoolhouse Field Trip

Word Work for 1/6-1/10

Spelling: Words with Long a: ai, ay

  1. daydream
  2. exclaim
  3. failure
  4. gains
  5. mainly
  6. painful
  7. payment
  8. playful
  9. raising
  10. saint
  11. straight
  12. stray
  13. unpaid
  14. vain
  15. x-ray

Watch-Out Words

  • lay
  • lie
  • plane
  • plain


Grammar: Verbs

  • If the subject tells about one other person or thing, add -s to an action verb. For other subjects, do not add -s.
  • Most verbs are action verbs. And action verb tells what the subject does.
  • To show the present tense for the subject he, she, or it, add -s to the end of most action verbs.
  • If a verb ends in x, ch, sh, ss, or z, add -es.


Social Studies and Academic Vocabulary:

advertisement, buyer, market, money, pay, seller, accomplish, cooperation, determine, paraphrase, planety, purpose, theme, plenty