Highlights of the week 1/24/20

We did a lot this week! Just a few of our highlights are:

  • field trip to the one-room schoolhouse in Tubac
    • we got dressed up in clothes like we were in the 1880s
    • we saw an old-fashioned printing press and learned how newspapers were printed
    • Tate and Ife were spelling bee champions and won a whole penny each for their prize!
    • we did a scavenger hunt to learn about the Tubac Presidio’s history
    • we packed old-fashioned lunches: beef jerky, sarsaparilla, old-fashioned hard candy, bacon sandwiches, and more!
    • we had Spanish names from the list of students that attended the school
    • girls and boys had to sit separately
    • Mr. Gould and Ms. Stalkfleet were strict teachers, putting some people into the dunce corner
  • we finished chapter 3 in math and took our tests
  • class tickets and Friday raffle
  • we’re excited to seeĀ Into the Woods this weekend
  • started a technology project designing a house
  • Freddy visited music class on Thursday
  • we started sharing mystery box book projects

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