Word Work: 1/27-1/31

Spelling: Verbs ending in -ed

  1. arranged
  2. blessed
  3. calmed
  4. comforted
  5. commanded
  6. completed
  7. eased
  8. emptied
  9. included
  10. joined
  11. opposed
  12. planted
  13. pitied
  14. provided
  15. worried

Watch-Out Words

  • some
  • sum
  • we’d
  • weed

Grammar: Helping Verbs/Forms of Do

A helping verb works with an action verb. The action verb is the main verb.

  • The helping verb can tells that someone is able to do something.
  • The helping verb could tells that someone has a choice or something is possible.
  • Use must to tell that somebody has to do something.
  • Use should to give an opinion or advice.

The helping verb do adds emphasis to a verb.

  • Use the form do with I, you, we, and they
  • Use the form does with he, she, and it.


Social Studies and Academic Vocabulary:

agriculture, crop, farmer, field, harvest, plow, alternative, conservation, evidence, future, method, opinion, summarize

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