Word Work 2/3-2/7

Spelling: Verbs ending in -ing

  1. announcing
  2. attending
  3. beautifying
  4. collecting
  5. considering
  6. doubling
  7. educating
  8. erasing
  9. forgiving
  10. gathering
  11. hiring
  12. mistreating
  13. notifying
  14. realizing
  15. spreading

Watch-Out Words

  • bring
  • take
  • where
  • were


Grammar: Forms of be and have

The verb to be is a linking verb. It links the subject of a sentence to a noun that tells what the subject is. Or it links the subject to a word that describes the subject. The verb to be has special forms: 

  • I am
  • You are
  • She/he/it is
  • We are
  • They are

The verb to have can be a main verb telling what the subject has. The verb to have can also be the helping verb before the main verb. The verb to have has special forms:

  • I have
  • You have
  • She/he/it has
  • We have
  • They have


Vocabulary: Classify Words

You can group, or classify words that tell about the same topic. This gives a deeper understanding of the topic.

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