February 10-14; Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m looking forward to being back at school with the students on Monday after taking a couple of sick days last week. I’m feeling better and am eager to catch up with them and see what they’ve done!

In language arts this week, we will be wrapping up our work in Unit 4 with reading and writing assessments. In addition, students will be developing a persuasive essay that explains their opinion with clear reasons and a logical flow of ideas. There is no spelling list this week.

On Friday, students will be putting together patchwork quilts for the historical fiction books that were read in January. For homework during the week, students should work on completing the organizer that will be sent home on Monday. They are also free to work on any components of the project that will help them be prepared for Friday.

In math, we are studying strategies for finding the area of rectangular shapes. Students are exploring ways that they can use different shapes to completely cover an area. They will also spend some time investigating rectangles that have the same area, but different perimeters and vice-versa.

In social studies, we will continue reading about Tucson history. Students are developing a timeline of important events and, after rodeo break, will work to select and explain their choices for the ten most important events we’ve studied.

Friday is Valentine’s Day! During the week, students should prepare their own “mailbox” for collecting Valentines. This could be a shoebox, tissue box, paper bag, etc. Students may bring their mailboxes and Valentines in any time during the week. We will distribute Valentines on Friday after lunch. Please bring Valentines for all students in third grade. Ms. Stalkfleet helpfully made a nice graphic to give you all of the names:

We have new field trips coming up in March and April – check the sign up sheets outside class if you’re able to drive. And, speaking of field trips, if you have any Tubac schoolhouse costumes that were borrowed from Ms. Stalkfleet, please send them back (washed) this week. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, February 14th: Valentine’s Day; historical fiction book projects; End of second trimester
  • February 17-21: Rodeo Break
  • Friday, February 28th: Eggs for Casa Maria (third grade’s turn to bring in hard-boiled eggs)
  • Wednesday, March 4: Report Cards sent home
  • Tuesday, March 10: field trip to the Tucson Museum of Art
  • Friday, April 17th: field trip to Sweetwater Wetlands

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